eunique deeann

i've been capturing images since as long as i can remember. i used to buy disposable cameras and capture candid moments in time with family + friends. i began my photography career with a 35mm canon ae-1 film camera and slowly moved up. i shoot now with a canon 5D mark IV most often and a fuji xe-1 secondarily. 
i like to jump in front of the camera from time to time. this is a place where i not only can freely release + express, but is a place that i learn how to be a better photographer, director + producer. bringing other people's visions to life is one of my many joys.   
no matter the project, i conceptualize a story to bring the images to life. i believe anyone can take a good photo, but it's the stories we are able to freeze in time that will make an image last for lifetimes. this is a collection of my commissioned or collaborated work in lifestyle + outdoor photography. to view more of my documentary work + my project, not without dirt, click the button below.